Tales of Female Badassery

EPISODE 4: with guest TSHOLO SEMENYA - TV Producer and Content Director

March 14, 2023 Not Sorry Club Season 1 Episode 4
Tales of Female Badassery
EPISODE 4: with guest TSHOLO SEMENYA - TV Producer and Content Director
Show Notes

In Episode 4, we welcome the inspiring Tsholo Semenya, who our podcast host Betty Adamou met 4 years ago, in beautiful Bali.

They were both there as part of an Unsettled co-working retreat, and met again when Betty spent 1 month travelling around in Tsholo's birthplace of South Africa.

Tsholo first caught our hosts' attention as an unapologetic badass when she said things like "'No' is a complete sentence", and unbelievably, married herself! 
(Yes, with a wedding with a dress and everything, and yes of course we talk about that in this episode, and of course we'll share a photo of Tsholo in her wedding dress!).

Join us as we also talk about...

  • Unsuccessful sabbaticals 
  • The harsh realities of going after your goals; saying 'yes' to one thing means saying 'no' to something else
  • The importance of a 'f*ck you' savings pot of money
  • The practicalities of making work places into safe spaces
  • Why we need to be honest with children when we say things like "you can be anything you want"
  • Quitting her job and starting a new chapter
  • MARRYING HERSELF (can we stress again how amazing this is?)
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Supporting other women in the workplace, and how we can do that
  • How Tsholo started her career in media
  • And so much more!

In this episode, we briefly reference an article about how diverse workplaces are more commercially successful. Here's the link: www.forbes.com/sites/karstenstrauss/2018/01/25/more-evidence-that-company-diversity-leads-to-better-profits 

Find Tsholo Semenya and connect online:

- In this episode, we talk about Tsholo's upcoming & current projects, including ‘An Intimate Night with Gregory Porter’ and 'Black Conversations'.
Get a sneak peak of these projects & delve deeper via Tsholo's Linked In feed: Linked In
- Connect with Tsholo on Linked In
- Instagram: @TSemenya (www.instagram.com

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